Types Of Wood Chippers And Their Benefits

Posted 25 July, 2022

All lumbermen know about the gardening and logging equipment that makes their tasks much easier and reduces the amount of work they otherwise would have to do. One such tool that gardeners and foresters use is known as a woodchipper. Most people do not own it but do rent it out! Are you interested in knowing more about this equipment? Keep on reading!

What is a wood chipper?

A wood chipper can be defined as a large power equipment that is utilized to get rid of the amount of debris in your yard. With the help of this tool, the disposal of such debris becomes very easy! This equipment is beneficial for gardeners and landscapers whose sanitation workers cannot pick up the waste or burn it openly. The best wood chipper produces chips that can be used as composts, used for walkways, or put in flower beds. People often confuse a wood chipper with a wood shredder; here is how you can differentiate between the two: 

wood chipers

What is the difference between a wood chipper and a shredder?

A wood shredder and wood chipper are not the same because a woodchipper is more powerful and hardy than a wood shredder. A wood chipper can handle the process of cutting and chipping wider and harder woods. On the other hand, the wood shredder can not handle thick woods and is good for dealing with thin branches and leaves. Most wood chippers now can also work as a shredder. So before buying a woodchipper, ensure that you buy the one that comes with a combo of both! 

Types of Wood Chipper

Three different types of wood chippers are available for sale in the market. 

Drum Chipper

The first is the drum chipper. It is a chipper with a large horizontal drum with blades. These blades are found inside the drum and are set at regular intervals. This sort of wood chipper is good for handling larger loads and fibrous materials. The downside of this wood chipper is that it requires a lot of energy and the size of the chips is not equal. 

Disk Chipper

The second type that we will talk about is the disk chipper. This chipper has a vertical disk with inset blades that cut wood at an angle of 45-degree. This type of wood chipper is fast and energy-efficient. In addition, it uniformly cuts chips! It is good for smaller branches but is not suitable for fibrous materials. 

Screw Chipper

The third type is known as screw chipper. This sort of chipper has blades that are shaped like a large screw. The rotating mechanism of these blades helps pull the wood through the chipper. The plus point of this chipper is that it produces uniformed chips. In order to change the size of the chips, this chipper will require you to change its blades. 

What’s the Best Wood Chipper to Get?

If you are looking for the top-rated wood chippers for sale on the market, then look for the following: 

  • Hyundai HYSG150-2
  • Titan Pro Petrol Wood Chipper
  • Forest Master 6.5 Horsepower Petrol Chipper

Benefits of Wood Chipper

Here are a few benefits of using a wood chipper:

Removes the unwanted waste material quickly! 

When a tree is cut down, or limbs are trimmed, a wood chipper helps get rid of the waste quickly and makes cleaning up a lot easier. Once the wood is chipped and the area is cleaned up, the chips can be used for different purposes.


The other ways, like burning the waste material to get rid of it, are harmful as it negatively affects the environment. The smoke contributes to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. Additionally, it might create a bad smell. On the other hand, a wood chipper transforms the pale wood into chips and does not harm the environment!


Using a wood chipper is hassle-free as it saves time and effort. One does not have to drive or go far away in order to dump the waste. The wood chips can be managed in their own space and do not require a lot of effort! 

Production of profitable materials

Using a wood chipper will allow you to produce useful materials that are very profitable and serve in many ways. Here are a few profitable materials that can be achieved with the help of the best wood chipper:

  • Processed wood: Pressed wood or timber can be used to produce many wooden objects and furniture!
  • Mulch: It is a beneficial substance for plants, so it is good for gardening!
  • Biofuel: With the help of some enzymes, the wood chips can be transformed into biofuel, which is a form of renewable energy! 

What should I look for when buying a wood chipper?

Here are the factors that should be considered when selecting the best wood chipper: 


Different wood chippers come with different powers. If you need to cut domestic woods, a chipper with less torque will be good. But if you want to cut up solid wood, a commercial wood chipper with high torque is best for you! 

Bag Capacity

One should look for the bin and bags of that capacity, depending on how much debris one has to handle. 

Cutting Blades

Another thing that should be considered is the chipper’s size and type of blades! Some blades can cut up to 2 inches, 4 inches, and 7 inches thick material. Choose the wood chipper that suits your needs! 

Shredding Chute

One should choose a wood chipper that comes with a built-in shredding chute. It is better for saving space and costs with the same results! 

Wrapping up! 

Now you know about the type, benefits, and factors to consider in a wood chipper, you can easily choose the one that best fits your needs. Buying a new wood chipper is always an option, but with that, you can also buy a used wood chipper or even rent them out. If you want to do any of the three, visit Lumbermensco now!

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