Tips for Buying a Log Loader

Posted 25 July, 2022

In the process of logging and forestry, when the trees are cut, and the stems are gathered together, a machine is needed in order to sort and stack them into piles. Once the logs are gathered and sorted according to their length, they can be loaded on a truck and transported to their destination. It is believed that small diameter and short length logs can easily be loaded on the truck by hand (Although in reality, it is not that feasible). People also use pulleys and other such ways to load the truck manually. However, when it comes to logs with a thick diameter and long length, a heavy-load loader is required!

What is a log loader? 

In forestry, the task of moving cut-down logs is very common, and to load these logs, a heavy load-loader machine or crane is used which is called a log loader! In the logging equipment industry, there is a wide variety and options available for particular loading tasks which makes it a difficult task to choose. In this post, we will give you some tips that will help you to choose the one that fits your needs!

log loders

What to look for in a log loader? 

Here are the factors that should be considered while buying a loader machine: 

  • The durability of the loader
  • Size of the log loader
  • Type of bucket attached 
  • Kind of attachments available 
  • Comfort

Tips for choosing a Log Loader

Look for durability! 

The main job of heavy logging equipment, like log loaders, is to make it easy for the foresters to move things around. If the log loader is prone to break and tear after a few uses, it is not the right choice. This is the reason that one should always look for the quality and durability of the log loader that they want to buy. Even if you plan on buying a used log loader, ensure that the quality of the brand is good and durable! 

Look for the log loader that has passed the quality check because only these loaders can carry around heavy loads of logs efficiently and timely! In order to ensure the durability of the log loader that is up for sale, just look into the log loader’s tipping load. Also, consider whether it will be easy for the operator to use or not. Choose the log loader that is engineered for rigorous construction projects and can withstand extreme levels of pressure. 

Select the size of the loader! 

Log loaders are used by various industries and for different purposes. This makes it a piece of essential logging equipment. The sector of construction utilizes the log loader to excavate large masses of debris in order to level the ground of a construction site. On the other hand, in the timber industry, a log loader is used to cut and carry the logs in order to transport them from the logging site to the mill. 

Every industry requires a different sort of function from the log loader, and that is why one should consider the activities for which they want to use the loader machine. In addition, one should consider the size, volume as well as the weight of the material that you want to move on a regular basis. For large construction material, choose a large-sized log loader with high horsepower. On the other hand, for smaller loads, one should go for small log loaders. 

Choose the bucket type! 

Another factor that should be considered while buying a new or used log loader is the type of bucket that the loader has. It is an essential component of the log loader as it is used for digging up the ground, logs, debris, and other materials. There are different types of buckets with different capacities. The capacity may vary from 0.65 cubic yards to up to 32 cubic yards. Also, find out the bucket’s breakout force as it will determine the amount of force the bucket can exert!

What Kind of attachments are available?

The attachments play an important role with every logging equipment. Similarly, the attachments of a log loader also maximize its efficiency! With these attachments, the loader machine provides ergonomic use and easier functionality! While attachment plays an important role but it is not necessary to buy every attachment. Instead, look for the types of equipment that you may need to perform your task. Here are a few of the attachments that one may require: 

  • Blades
  • Booms
  • Forks
  • Grapples
  • Rakes

These additional attachments might cost a bit, but they provide many long-term benefits and also increase the level of efficiency of your industry’s processes. 

Is it comfortable for the operator? 

Although this might not be an essential factor, it is good to choose the log loader that provides security and comfort to the operator as sometimes one has to work on the construction sites for a very long period of time, and that may stress out the operator of the loader machine! This is essential because the operator is the one who will run it!

There are many irregularities and bumps on the surface of the construction site, and the seat of the operator should be comfortable. The control panel of the log loader should also be easy to use and not complicated. 

log loader

We are wrapping up! 

In addition to the above considerations, one should choose the right vendor for buying such equipment. Lumbermensco has a wide variety of choices when it comes to log loaders. In addition, they also provide additional attachments as well as accessories. You can also buy a new or used log loader from them. Visit their website and choose the one that suits your budget and requirements. In the end, we would simply advise you to choose the equipment that suits your needs and do not forget to compare the options that are available in the market! 


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