Advantages of Feller Buncher

Posted 21 November, 2022

Feller Buncher is considered heavy gear in the logging business. Heavy machines are utilized for cutting, holding, and setting trees into stacks. A feller buncher is a machine that boosts the performance as well as the productivity of logging and forestry tasks. They are designed to increase speed and efficiency and are usually used to clear large areas quickly. If you are looking forward to preparing a building site or thinning out any wooden area, the feller buncher is the right logging equipment. Read on to learn more about the advantages that feller bunchers can provide! 

Advantages of Feller Buncher

Here are some perks of adding a feller buncher to your forestry equipment: 

  1. Secure Safety at the worksite.
  2. Expand Work Hours.
  3. Easier To Use
  4. Reduce the Cost
  5. Get Lower Tree Trumps
  6. Decline the Environmental Effects

1- Secure Safety at the worksite.

The profession of forestry has its own risks and hazards that can be mitigated using the right equipment. A Feller buncher has statistically proven to be one of those pieces of equipment that can increase the work site’s safety.

People usually prefer having a feller buncher on their work site to avoid injury and fatality incidents. To secure your work site, you always have the option to buy a feller buncher from reputable companies like Tigercat!  

2- Expand Work Hours.

The feller buncher is a crucial harvesting tool that can produce a large number of usable logs in much less time than harvesters or chainsaws. They have incredible performance when it comes to speed. It can operate safely in the evening as well, increasing work hours even when the sun sets! 

3-  Easier To Use

Unlike other logging and forestry equipment, feller bunchers are much easier to use. This is because the operators do not have to engage directly in complex physical tasks. Also, its cab keeps the operator safe, and its speed increases productivity. 


4- Reduce the Cost

Feller bunchers are the most cost-effective machinery that can harvest numerous trees in less time. It has lesser operation costs than other logging equipment. As the size of the tree increases, using a feller buncher becomes efficient, productive, and economical!

Looking forward to saving costs? Buy a used feller buncher in excellent condition from companies like John Deere, TigerCat, etc. 

5- Get Lower Tree Trumps

Most forestry equipment leaves behind larger tree trump, wasting wood and ruining the ground for building purposes. So if you want to clear up your building site and also save natural resources, a feller buncher is the equipment that you need! It cuts the tree trump to the lowest height, leading to less wood waste and preventing up to 30% loss of value. 

6- Decline the Environmental Effects


Feller bunchers also help to decline adverse environmental effects. While moving across the terrain, they barely disturb the soil, which helps in the prevention of soil erosion. It can also keep trees away from protected areas and water streams to reduce harmful environmental impacts!  

Wrap up!

Feller buncher is a heavy-duty forestry equipment that is used for cutting and gathering several trees. It is a versatile forestry and logging equipment that can work efficiently in the timber as well as biomass market. In case you want durability, increased productivity, fewer costs, ease of operation, and a safe working environment buying a feller buncher would be fruitful. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a feller buncher, Lumbermens Co makes sure that you always feel like coming to the right place!

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