Cable Skidders for Sale

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Overview of Cable Skidder. 

A cable skidder has a pallet-line with chokers connected. The number of chokers utilized will rely upon the size of the trees being extricated. Cable skidders have a proper curve over which the link goes through a fair lead. The curve gives a lift to the finishes of the logs.  Timberjack, John Deer, Franklin, and CAT are some renowned manufacturers of Cable skidders. A range of used cable skidders from these brands are available on Lumbermens Co for sale.

If the logs that are to be moved are arranged in a spot that is challenging to get to, then rather than a grapple skidder or track skidder, a cable skidder is a more straightforward option. Purchasing a pre-owned cable skidder is much better than purchasing a brand-new one because it could cost you a fortune. Numerous foresters and farmers prefer to purchase pre-owned cable skidders that are available in Lumber Men’s Co.

How Does a Cable Skidder Work?

Cable skidders work in a more effective way. To move cut logs, the cables of the skidders are reeled out and connected to the log. From that point onward, to pull the heap towards the skidder, a winch is utilized. This winch holds the logs, and the skidder moves or slides them away to the arrival region!

Cable Skidder Brands & Models

There are multiple brands that manufacture cable skidders and they manufacture them according to the task that needs to be performed by the lumberjack. So with different tasks, there are different models. There is a list of various brands and models of cable skidders.

Brands John Deere Timberjack Caterpillar (CAT)
Models 05’648G III 1997 Timberjack 240C Cat 518 Cable
John Deere 440C’s 79′ Timberjack 225D
2014 John Deere 640H 97′ Timberjack 240C
84′ John Deere 440C
84′ John Deere 540B
97′ John Deere 640G

All the above models of cable skidders in use are available for sale at Lumbermens Co., with shipping and trucking services to ensure a seamless purchase of your heavy equipment. All the pre-used cable skidders are inspected to guarantee that you are getting heavy-duty equipment for your needs.