Top 7 websites to sell used Forestry and Logging equipment for affordable service fees or free.

Posted 30 March, 2023

Whether you are a small-scale business or a large-scale company, you often look for a reliable platform to sell forestry and logging equipment. Websites offer different services and features to help you find the best deal for your used equipment.

In this blog, we are featuring, the top 7 websites that can help you find the perfect deal for your used forestry or logging equipment for an affordable service fee and even free.

  1. Top websites where you can list or sell your equipment with free or affordable fees.
  2. How to sell used Forestry or Logging equipment online?
  3. Why sell used Forestry and Logging equipment on an online website?

Top websites where you can list or sell your equipment

  1. Lumbermens Co
  2. Forestry Equipment Sales
  3. Equipment Buyers USA
  4. Buy Dozers
  5. Hollinger Equipment   
  6. Tree & Forestry Equipment

1. Lumbermens Co

Lumbermens Co


Listing Fee: 1 Free Listing

Lumbermens Co is the ideal website to list and sell your equipment. We are one of the most trusted and respected equipment dealers in the industry since 2015 who provides a secure and convenient platform for buyers and sellers.

You can list your equipment for sale with the click of a few buttons, and get the best deal on any of your used equipment from buyers looking for exactly what you have at Lumbermens Co. Moreover, sellers can benefit from free listings, and an experienced staff provides prompt customer service whereas easy finance options are available for the buyers.

Click here to list your equipment at Lumbermens


2. Forestry Equipment Sales

forestry equipment sales


Listing Fee: 

Forestry Equipment Sales cover a wide selection of almost all logging and forestry equipment categories. You can list your used equipment and get profitable offers within an affordable price range.

The listing process is very easy with safe and secure payment system.

Click here to list your equipment at Forestry Equipment


3. Equipment Buyers USA

equipment buyers USA


Listing Fee:

Equipment Buyers USA is another website with a wide range of used equipment, and sellers can easily list their idle heavy, construction, or plant equipment and sell it quickly at a good price. They also have an experienced team of refurbishers who will buy your equipment and sell along with pickup and delivery services across the USA and Canada!

Click here to list your equipment at Equipment Buyers


4. Buy Dozers

Buy Dozers


Listing Fee:

Buy Dozers is one of many known platforms to list and sell your used dozers. They have a huge selection of used dozers and other earth-moving equipment. They stock used machines from top-name manufacturers like Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, and more. Their staff has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a good deal! If you want to sell your dozer, list it here at an affordable price and get it sold in no time!

Click here to list your equipment at Buy


5. Hollinger Equipment

hollinger equipment


Listing Fee:

Since  1987, Hollinger Equipment has been dealing in used construction, farm, lawn, and garden equipment. In addition to that, they have a large selection of construction attachments for sale as well. They also allow sellers to list their used construction and farm equipment, trucks, and trailers at competitive prices and provide responsive customer service.

Click here to list your equipment at Hollinger


6. Tree & Forestry Equipment

Tree and Forestry equipment


Listing Fee:

Tree & Forestry Equipment makes selling your tree and forestry equipment simple. To ensure that you can quickly and effectively sell your used equipment, they not only provide online options but also take the help of print media. Sellers can register to their site for free and quickly list their equipment at a reasonable price to get a fair and square deal!

Click here to list your equipment at Tree and


How to sell used Forestry or Logging equipment on these websites?

1. Reach out to potential buyers’ platforms

Reach out to the websites of potential buyers in the forestry and logging industry. Contact online local forestry and logging businesses and other professionals in your area.

2. Create an online listing

Create an online listing with detailed descriptions of the equipment you’re selling, including photos, technical specifications, and the condition of the equipment.

3. Sharing and Networking

Use your network and social media platforms to spread your equipment listing. Connect with other forestry and logging professionals, and post about your equipment on industry-related forums and classifieds websites.

4. Promote your listing

Promote your equipment on websites like Lumbermens by boosting your listing to featured categories. You can also use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure potential buyers can easily find your listing.

5. Negotiate the sale

If you are using online platforms that directly connect the buyer and seller, then you can negotiate the sale with the buyer. Make sure to discuss payment methods, delivery/shipping options, and warranty information.

Why sell used Forestry and Logging equipment on a website?

1. Reach a Wider Audience

By selling used forestry and logging equipment online, you can reach a much larger customer base than you could through traditional methods.

2. Save Time and Money

Selling used logging equipment online is a more efficient way to sell, allowing you to save time and money by eliminating the need to travel to potential buyers and also for buyers to come to you.

3. Get More Value for Your Equipment

Online selling your used forestry and logging equipment can help you reach more potential buyers who are willing to pay more.

4. Sell from Your Home

With online sales, you can sell your used forestry and logging equipment from the comfort of your home without leaving your property.

5. Get Paid Quickly

When you sell your used equipment online, you can get paid quickly through secure payment methods such as PayPal or Venmo.

What Types of forestry and logging equipment can you sell? 

You can list nearly all forestry and logging equipment on online websites, including the following: 

Sawmill Equipment

Sawmill equipment is used to cut logs into usable lumber. It includes saw blades, log decks, sawmill frames, and other pieces of equipment.

Cable Skidders

Cable skidders pull large logs out of the woods and transport them to the sawmill. The skidding cable is secured to the log, and a winch pulls the log out of the woods.

Grapple Skidders 

Grapple skidders use a grapple attachment and a winch to grab and pull logs out of the woods. The grapple is secured to the log, and the winch pulls the log out of the woods.

Logging Equipment

Logging equipment includes trucks, chippers, harvesters, and other equipment used to cut, haul, and process logs.


Dozers are used to move logs and other items in a logging operation. Dozers are equipped with a blade to push logs and debris.

Band Sawmill

Band sawmills are used to cut logs into lumber. They use a band saw blade to cut the logs into boards of various sizes and grades.

Log Loaders

Log loaders are used to load logs onto logging trucks. The loader has a grapple attachment to grab and load the logs onto the truck.


Forwarders are used to move logs from the woods to the sawmill. The forwarder has a grapple attachment to grab the logs and transport them to the sawmill.


Harvesters/processors are used to cut, haul, and process logs. They have a large cutting head and a grapple attachment to grab the logs and transport them to the sawmill.

Feller Bunchers

Feller bunchers are used to cut and pick up logs in the woods. The buncher has a grapple attachment to grab the logs and load them onto the truck.

Firewood Equipment

Firewood equipment cuts, hauls, and processes firewood. It includes saw blades, log decks, sawmill frames, and other pieces of equipment.

Wrap up! 

In conclusion, selling used forestry or logging equipment can be daunting. However, by taking advantage of the top 7 websites listed in this blog, you can find the perfect hassle free deal for your used forestry and logging equipment. With a reliable platform and the right buyers, you can be sure to get a great deal and a seamless selling experience.

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