Dozer Buying Guide: What To Consider Before Buying A Dozer?

Posted 5 August, 2022

Buying a used dozer is an excellent way for companies to get their hands on the equipment and save on cash. Used equipment, especially dozer, is very popular because it is a high production machine that has an important role on most job sites. If one buys from a trusted dealer like Lumbermens Co, old dozers can provide excellent reliability and long-term performance. However, you should know what to look for when buying a used dozer to get the best deal. This guide will explain a few things to consider before buying a high-quality used dozer.  

What are Dozers used for?

Before getting towards the tips, let us explain a little about dozers. Dozers, also known as bulldozers, are utilized to move or push various materials on site, including sand, rubble, earth, and rocks. It is purposeful equipment that can be used in construction, farming, mining, and other such industries.

grappel dozer

What should I look for when buying an old dozer?

It is not an easy task to buy a used dozer that is worth the investment. That is why a used equipment buyer must go the extra mile and:  

  1. Find the Right Seller
  2. Consider the job and its site
  3. Gauge the safety of the equipment 
  4. Consider the Type and Specs of the equipment 
  5. Commit to its preventive maintenance

1. Finding the right seller

Companies can buy used dozers from trusted equipment dealerships or private sellers and auctions. However, a trusted equipment dealership is the best place to find good quality used dozer. These dealers provide larger inventory and options to choose from. Also, they ensure that their customers find the right fit to create a happy, satisfied, repeat customer. On the other hand, private sellers and auctions have risks. 

A private seller’s main interest is to sell the dozer, regardless if it’s a good fit or not. So it is important to research and look for red flags like unethical practices, bad peer reviews, and even records of stolen equipment. Buying at auctions is also risky because there is no recourse for buyers who purchase a machine with hidden problems.

2. Considering the job and its site

Dozers are used for different purposes in various industries. Though it is mainly used to move or push earth and other materials, knowing what you need can help determine the dozer’s size attachments. In addition to the job, it is also essential to consider the location of the job because each job’s site has unique sizes, layouts, and challenges, and you wouldn’t want to end up with a dozer that is too big or too small to fit your site. 

3. Gauging the safety of the equipment

Whether you have a large-scale or smaller job, it is essential to ensure on-site safety. To ensure your and your employee’s safety, you should know how the dozer and its attachments work and the safety standards they should meet. 

Consider the Type and Specs of the equipment

Different types of dozers are available in the market, such as crawler dozers, wheel dozers, mini dozers, etc. Therefore, ensure you should know what type of equipment is best for you. Like the type, the specs of the equipment also differ from each other. So make sure you know about all the latest specs of the dozer to get its most power and use. 

Committing to its preventive maintenance

The final and essential tip that continues even after buying and using the dozer is its maintenance. Just like new dozers, used dozers also require preventative maintenance, ensuring the machine’s life extends. 

Frequently asked questions: 

What are the benefits of buying a used dozer?

Here are some benefits of buying a used dozer: 

  • Buying used dozers is budget-friendly.
  • When taken care of, a used dozer does not depreciate at the same rate as the new one. 
  • Used heavy machinery holds its value longer.
  • Old dozers are readily available, so you will find what you’re looking for without waiting months. 
  • Purchasing a used dozer is a green way to go.  

How do you inspect a bulldozer? 

While buying a dozer, an inspection is necessary. Inspection can alert you of the problems that a used dozer might have. Here are some of the indicators that you should look at: 

  1. Pay attention to excessive wear and repair signs, especially the blade, the cutting edge, and trunnion pins. 
  2. Examine the undercarriage for excessive or uneven wear because a damaged one can be expensive to repair or replace. 
  3. Another thing that should be inspected is hydraulics; ensure that they are free of problems and leaks. 
  4. Use hours to gauge the lifespan of the used dozers. 
  5. To get an overview of the dozer, ask for maintenance records and machine history. 

How long does a bulldozer last?

Generally, most dozers last up to seven to ten years or around 1000 hours of use. But the lifespan also depends upon how the machine was used and maintained. 

It is not necessary to buy a shiny and brand-new dozer. If you know what you are looking for and the things that you need to inspect, buying a dozer, even an old one, could be a solid investment.

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