What Are The Different Types Of Dozers And Blades Used In Construction?

Posted 7 September, 2022

Bulldozers are a common site on construction sites. These powerful machines come in various sizes and with multiple blades and wheels. Dozers are commonly used to push different materials around the job site. Customers usually get confused when choosing a dozer type. If you are one of them and want to know what bulldozers and their types are, keep scrolling! 

What is a bulldozer?

Bulldozers, or dozers, are integral machines for all construction sites. This machine uses blades to scrape and push soil, trash, and other materials. These blades can be raised or lowered and are attached to the dozers with two arms and a yoke. 

How are bulldozers classified?

Bulldozers are classified on different factors, including:

  • Wheels
  • Blades
  • Size

What are the different types of bulldozers?

Choosing the right bulldozer type depends upon the project type, the terrain you are working on and your construction site’s needs. It is essential to choose the right machine for the safety and efficiency of your project. The three main types of dozers to choose from are:

  1. Crawler Bulldozer
  2. Wheel Bulldozer
  3. Mini Dozers

What is a crawler bulldozer?

The crawler bulldozer is similar to a tractor, also called a track dozer. It is easy to operate and a powerful machine, and it provides a lot of traction and allows it to move on an uneven surface. With the help of its strong blade, you can push or move big objects and different materials. If you need the dozer to work on plains, fields or irregular surfaces, crawlers are an ideal option. 

What is a wheel dozer?

Wheel dozers are easier to handle than crawler dozers because they have tires. These dozers are bigger than crawlers but are more productive in small spaces. Wheel dozers have rims; therefore, they do not damage surfaces and are best used on challenging terrains. If you need a bulldozer for projects like sports stadiums, shopping malls and water parks, a wheel dozer is what you are looking for! 

What is a Mini Dozer? 

As the name suggests, a mini dozer is a small or compact dozer that can be used for small jobs. It is usually used for leveling and clearing driveways, residential spaces, snowy areas and congested spaces. If you are looking for mobility, speed and versatility, then a mini dozer is what you require! 

What are the different types of dozer blades?

The dozer types mentioned above can further be classified on the blades used. Each blade type has its purpose and ability to handle a different range of materials and load weights. Here are some standard bulldozer blades: 

(S-Blade) or Straight Blades 

It is a short and straight blade without side wings. This blade is attached to the lower back corner of the dozer. It can be used for different purposes, including grading, stumping, backfilling and also for evening the soil. If you want to handle fine-grained or medium to hard-density material, the S blade is ideal! 

U-Blade or Universal Blade 

A U-blade has a curved shape, long edges, and the largest height and width. This sort of blade can be used to transfer or push material to extended scratches of land. If you are dealing with medium-density soil, then a universal blade is the best! 

(SEMI-U) or S-U Blade

S-U blade is a combo of S & U blades, offering sufficient penetration. If you want to push soil across long stretches of land, S-U blades could be a great choice! 

(PAT) or Power-Angle-Tilt Blade

As the name suggests, the power angle tilt blade can be tilted to any angle and in all directions. This blade is controlled from the cabin and used for leveling, scraping, backfilling, grading and land clearing.

Angle Blade

An angle blade is connected to the center of the panel of the dozer. It has the ability to angle near to 30 degrees. It can be used to move the debris to one side. 

What are the different sizes of bulldozers?

Based on the size, there are three types of dozers, small, medium and large. Each size has a power ranging from a few hundred horsepowers to 1000 horsepower.

How to choose a bulldozer? 

To improve the efficiency of your project, purchase a dozer, keeping the following things in mind: 

  • Know its purpose
  • Examine the job site
  • Think about the terrain 
  • Identify the material type

Before buying a dozer, audit the features you need and consider all the available options. 


Different types of dozers are available for moving, excavating, and leveling the land. To ensure efficiency and productivity, one may choose the dozer type keeping all the factors in mind. If you are looking for a dozer that meets your size, power, and handling, LumberMensCo is your one-stop headquarter. 




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