• Fence Post Processing Sawmill

Fence Post Processing Sawmill

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VIDEOS AVAILABLE** Up for sale is a a complete fence post processing operation that is capable of processing, utilizing one operator, 100+ fence posts per hr The drilling unit is new and was built and put into service May 2019 and has processed approximately 40,000 fence posts to date. It has the ability to process both round and square 5×5 by changing one bolt on bracket and removing the saw blade to prevent any saw damage. Most of the 5” round poles are 8’6” peeler cores from GP, along with some 5” posts from another supplier that have been turned from small trees that are air dried which are 9’ long. It is my intention to sell all the equipment as a package which will allow a buyer to fully utilize the production capabilities. The equipment is as follows: 1. Infeed slope that will hold up to 400 posts at a time. We receive these posts from GP in 200-piece bundles and place 2 bundles on this infeed slope deck. 2. A Specially designed sorting framethat only allows one pole at a time to enter the in-feed deck. 3. A Specially designed infeed deckthat gathers one pole at a time from the sorting frame (see video) Infeed deck has loader arms that allow one pole at a time for operator to load the drill unit. 4. Drill unit is all air controlled for quick response, and has a carbide trim saw that is operator controlled, and quickly moves out to trim the poles, air hole-downs are utilized to secure the pole. The 3 mounted drills are presently configured 12-26-27 but can be easily released and moved to accommodate any desired settings. An air lift table brings the secured pole up to the drills to be processed. A stationary chamfer head is utilized to top the poles. This whole process of loading, trimming, drilling, chamfering and stacking takes the single operator less than 20 seconds per pole. All motors are 5-hp 3ph 480 volts except the chamfer head which is 7.5-hp 3ph 480v. All drills on hand are carbide and will convey with drill machine. All electrical controls are located in an enclosed box and wired with an emergence shut-down switch. A Lasor light shows the operator where the pole must be trimmed to optimize length and speed of setup time. 5. Rolls allow the operator ease of handling from the drill unit to where the finish poles are stacked. 6. A hydraulic lift table allows for stacking the finish product which is then strapped, lowered to an outfeed chain for removal. 7. The remote-control 24’ outfeed chain can accommodate up to 5 completed units of poles before they need to be removed to the holding yard. 8. Handling of waste product is nonproductive time, there for the trim ends of the poles drop directly into a Scott hammermill to be reduced in size. This is placed directly under the trim saw area to eliminate handling. This hammer mill breaks up the trim ends into small pieces which can be handled by the blower system. This breaking down of the trim ends also make the waste product acceptable to local burners. 9. Another waste handling system is a 60’, continues gutter chain, that removes the waste from drilling and grinding ends and delivers it to the blower system that is utilized to load a trailer which will eventually be sold to a burner for electricity. The system is set up to allow sweeping waste material into the gutter cleaner system making end of day clean-up a quick process. 10. 15hp Cornell blower is utilized for loading a chip trailer. 11. Hitachi 15” cutoff saw with carbide blade is used to cut the reject poles to length 12. Baker-A 3ph 480 v, is utilized for producing dunnage from any reject posts. The reject posts are cut to the proper length, cut in half length wise, then run through the resaw again giving a flat surface that will accommodate the strapping that secures the bundles of 42. 13. There is also a new 6’extension that has not been installed for the Baker-A. The intended purpose for this extension is to allow the processed dunnage to drop into a cart thus eliminating the need to pick up dunnage and scrap off the floor or involving a second person on the outfeed end. 14. Included in any sale will be all strapping presently on hand (25+ rolls of 3/4” plastic) also 14+ boxes of clips and the strapping equipment. The design of the system is such that the operator does no lifting of the 50 lb.+ items being processed and all operations are done at the operator’s waist level. It is also designed to take advantage of gravity, where every step in the processing allows the product to be constantly lower rather than lifted up. Each piece equipment is easily disconnected from the electrical source for removal with no need to dis-assemble any equipment.

CONDITION: Excellent
YEAR: 2019
PRICE: $150,000.00
REGION: Massachusets
Shipping: Available

Austin Woods | Phone : (931) 797-8029 EXT: 703
Cell: | Email: austin@lumbermensco.com

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