Forestry and Logging Equipment Selection Guide

Posted 29 March, 2022

The forestry business is a challenging but rewarding venture at the same time. The foresters have to buy various logging equipment and machinery in order to cut, load, and process trees. The right equipment reduces the time and effort that is required to do heavy and complex tasks. Foresters have been using different sorts of forestry equipment for ages now, yet choosing the equipment needed for a specific task is very crucial. In addition, buying a piece of new forestry or logging equipment is very expensive, so many foresters opt to buy used machinery and equipment from companies like Lumbermensco.

What Equipment is Used in Forestry?

There are four main types of logging equipment that one should invest in. These are:

  • Harvester
  • Log Splitter
  • Excavators
  • Log Loader
  • Yarders
  • Mulchers


Are you wondering what equipment is used to harvest trees? The simple answer is that the equipment used to harvest trees is called a harvester! A harvester is a self-propelled and effective machine that can be used for delimibing or bucking the trees into logs. To provide the best end product, a harvester has 4-6 wheels that can:

  • Fell off the trees
  • Cut the wood
  • Remove all the branches

This logging equipment runs on diesel. To help the foresters, some harvesters also include chainsaws with sharp knives and diameter sensors. Harvesters can operate well on leveled grounds but are not good for steep terrains.


Skidders are another essential logging equipment that is used for the transportation of trees to the place where they are loaded on logging trucks. When the forest machines cut and delimb wood, these logs are stacked up in order to be transported to sawmill or other facilities. The skidder has grapple attachments that help to grab plenty of processed trees at one end in order to drag them to the area where these are supposed to be loaded into a logging truck. 

In order to relocate processed trees, the skidder grabs them on a side and lifts them off the ground, and the opposite ends of the logs skid to the ground.

A skidder is the best time and money-saving forestry equipment for the transportation of trees from the processing area to the area of the logging truck. 
The skidder grabs the trees on one side and lifts them off the ground. It gets its name “skidder” because the opposite ends of the trees skid along the ground as they’re being transported. Depending on the distance between the processing area for the trees and where they are loaded onto the logging truck for transportation, a skidder might be an excellent time- and money-saving option for your forestry operations.

Log Splitter

The log splitter is another essential logging equipment for sale in the forestry business. The name itself states the functionality of this equipment, and that is splitting of the logs. With a log splitter, you can easily cut wood of every width and length because it has a durable steel body. In addition, this forestry equipment can be used on the flat as well as steep terrains. 

This equipment helps foresters to get wood of any size and shape. At Lumbermens, you can buy new as well as used log splitters for sale! 


An excavator is a versatile forestry machine that comes with a large arm. There are numerous attachments that can equip the long arm of the excavator. The most common attachment of the excavator is the bucket with an opposable thumb. This attachment helps the excavator to dig holes and lift trees, boulders, and other equipment around! Excavators can be used:

  • To dig out tree stumps
  • To level soil
  • To create pathways free of debris

Log Loader

Another piece of equipment that should be looked at in logging equipment for sales is the log loader or log trucks for sale. When the logs are cut down, they have to be carried away to another place, and people used to carry them using pulleys that required a lot of effort. Luckily now, with the help of Log Loader, this has become much easier and simplified! 


Managing and cutting the trees is difficult in steep terrains. This is where a yarder can assist foresters. With a yarder, logs can be extracted from terrains with the help of cable logging and skyline operations. When you go to buy logging equipment for sales, you might come across two types of yarder, mobile and stationary. Both the yarders will help to lift the logs and transport them. An operator is needed for controlling the yarder with the help of a swinging or fixed boom. 


Mulchers are a different type of logging equipment that is up for sale in the market. It comes with a fixed tooth rotor system or a swinging hammer. It is attached to a tractor or vehicle, and its horsepower capabilities determine the forestry mulcher size and power. Buying a new mulcher is very expensive; therefore, many foresters tend to buy a piece of used forestry equipment. 

Types Of Equipment For Forestry

  • Felling Equipment
  • Extraction Equipment
  • Processing Equipment
  • Loading Equipment

Who Makes the Best Forestry Equipment?

There are numerous forestry equipment manufacturers in the world. Some famous manufacturers include Caterpillar, Tigercat, Valmet, Ponsse, Komatsu, and John Deere. However, buying their logging equipment is very expensive. This is where companies like Lumbermensco can ease your difficulty! With the help of their website, you can buy or sell any used or new logging equipment in order to carry out your tasks using fewer efforts and less time! To know more about their services and products, visit their website now by clicking on the attached link!

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